Ensemble for Experimental Music and Theater

Ensemble for Experimental Music and Theater is based on the questions around “theater” and “notation”, propounded by John Cage, critique and reconstruction of the genealogy of conceptualism and minimalism from Fluxus, Scratch Orchestra, earlier Minimalist music to the stream after the Wandelweiser Group. .The members have various backgrounds, music, performing arts, composition, sound art, visual arts, and poetry. After starting an activity as a group in 2011 with Tomomi Adachi (performer/composer), they have been producing lots of contemporary and historical works. The group also did an exhibition by using a musical piece “Sapporo" composed by Toshi Ichiyanagi in1962. Performers were interpreted this graphic score in either musical or non-musical way, and continued this “performance” throughout the 44 days.

Past Performances