Making Documentation of that Moment (2015)

[Photo: Yin Yunya]

How can artists document the past performance vividly, moreover, how can that documents be used to represent that performance clearly. This question is based on the fact that a performance’s document is not an artwork itself, but always regarded as a secondary position. Making documentation of that moment is a project that explores this escapable issue through documenting a performance and the un/related occurrences of that moment.

In this process eight performers left ephemera such as a video, sound file, objects, photographs, and diaries, and as a result, these uncompleted documents show the “real” happens in different phases, not only in the past event.

Making Documentation of That Moment | Tomoko Hojo
Mixed Media installation, photographs, video, sound, diaries, and objects picked up by seven performers.
A score for performers are published.
Shown at Group Exhibition "1:1" (OTO Project Space, London) in 2015.

[Photos: Yin Yunya]