Breathing Organs (2015)

[Photo: Tomoko Hojo]

The “organ" has two different meanings: one is as a musical instrument and the other is as a part of the body. Both mechanisms of making sounds/voices are same, just sending the air from inside to outside.

These simple harmonies lead an idea of collaboration between an organist and an organ itself, rather than regarding organist as a transparent player. In addition, Mozart Fantasia in F minor, which is one of the works played at the opening recital of Union Chapel, evokes the past memory of this building and the organ.

Therefore, the audience will listen to multiple layers, which is created by historical memories of this architecture and an organist’s presence and his personal memories though breathing.

Breathing Organs | Tomoko Hojo
Composition for a pipe organ + an organist Roger Williams
Materials: Snorkel, Harmonica, Prerecorded audio file, Score 
Length: Approximately 15 mins to 20 mins (it will be changed depending on the organist’s breathing)
Premiere: Concert 'Mixture', Union Chapel, London in 2015.