Reborn Homes Through My Voice (2017)

What do you hear when you think about your home? The sound of a closing door, father’s sneezing, a pigion’s voice early in the morning - These daily sounds are kept in one's mind or even out of consciousness without being documented. Homes, which are places of privacy and personal expression can be regarded as a hidden acoustic territory. In the exhibition Reborn Homes Through My Voice, Tomoko Hojo and Rahel Kraft create several sound pieces to unlock and stimulate personal memories, and presented at the Denchu House and Atelier. Through collecting individual soundscapes of local inhabitants around Ueno-Sakuragi and Yanaka area, inspirations for the creative process evolves. The artists also preserve the characteristics of the venue as a combination between house and atelier, a place for ongoing experimentations and interactions. This project attempts to transform our closest memories into the visible/audible though listening, remembering and sharing sounds.

Related Events

1) Performance with Ensemble for Experimental Music and Theater (EEMT)
2) Performance with Hojo/KraftSeveral performances
3) Workshop and Performance with David Toop (musician/writer, UK)
4) A special lecture by David Toop (musician/writer, UK) at Tokyo University of the Arts

Organised by: Tomoko Hojo & Rahel Kraft
Supported by: Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Kulturfonds Switzerland, ProHelvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung,
Embassy of Switzerland in JAPAN (Norminal Support)
Cooperation: Ihara-city, Okayama, Ueno-Sakuragi, Hiakushi Denchu House,
Hiroko Hirakushi, NPO Taito Cultural Historical & Society, Yanaka no Okatte