Turn a Story Inside Out — For Performers (2014)

Listen to the unclear sounds and imitate with voices. Based on one's experiences multiple 'Music' are emerged in a sequence of process and turned to clear how performers listen to the sounds. Although there is an instruction as 'listen and imitate sounds without paying attention to other performers", it is almost impossible to ignore other's interferences. In the reality, the inevitable relationship to others is created by either being interrupted or listening someone's voice which picked one's unheard sounds .

The first performance was in the 5th self produced concert of EEMT, Ensemble for Experimental Music and Theater, Kichijoji Theater, Tokyo, 2014.

The audio version was created after that, and presented in First Bridge, Gallery MC, New York and London, 2015, and Exhibition SOUND|PLACE, Goldsmiths, University of London, London, 2015, respectively.



実験音楽とシアターのためのアンサンブル第5回自主公演 (吉祥寺シアター、東京、2014) にて初演。

その後、パフォーマンス音源を用いて作られたヴァージョンが、プロジェクト「First bridge」(Gallery MC, New York and London, 2015)、展覧会「SOUND|PLACE」(Goldsmiths, University of London, London, 2015) でそれぞれ上演された。